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Let’s Get Social.

Free Social Media Audit.

Whether you’re trying to add value with a current client or looking to give your brand’s social media a refresh – a social media audit is an excellent place to start. Download my 3-step guide to completing a social media audit and sharing with you a free template to track your progress!

“I Don’t Have Time For Social Media”

If you’ve been boot-strapping your social media up until this point you know how time-consuming it is to consistently post content that your audience loves. And you’ve probably done an amazing job at it but you’re looking for someone that can take your efforts and run with it.


“My Audience is Not on Social Media”

Unless your brand is specifically targeting a group of off-grid people your audience is on social media somewhere for some amount of time. And I hate to break it to you but the off-grid community has found a niche on Tik Tok so even that isn’t an excuse anymore.


“Social Media Changes So Much – I Can’t Keep Up.”

The good news is you don’t have to keep up! That’s the beauty of hiring a social media manager. You can spend more time doing what you excel at and not have to worry about what the hot new trend is.


What to Expect.

Want to see if we are good fit? Schedule a discovery call to learn more about working together.

Choose a package to begin the onboarding process & schedule a kickoff call.

Interested in moving forward? A proposal will be sent to you based on our discovery call.

After the kickoff meeting has been hosted the content process begins & you will be provided with timelines for delivery!

About Whitney.

Are you looking for someone to help bridge the gap between your audience and your brand using social media? My name is Whitney DeBerry, and I help small businesses take control of the conversation using social media. I have experience working in the digital marketing space for nearly a decade, working for boutique and large agencies. My prior work in the agency world spanned various roles and digital channels, including roles in management, operations, SEO, content strategy, analytics, social media, paid advertising, influencer marketing, brand development, and more! I help brands create visually compelling content that is unique to their audience, so you know that you’re putting out content that converts & connects with your ideal customer.

Sound like what you’re looking for? Click the button and schedule a free discovery call! 

Talia Koren

Owner of Workweek Lunch

Saying that I’ve adored working with Whitney is an understatement. Whitney originally came on to my team at Workweek Lunch t0 make sure there was content every day on our Facebook page and in our private Facebook group. Her role in my company has grown into so much more and Whitney now also manages our small team of freelance writers. She produces our weekly newsletter to our email list of nearly 30,000 subscribers, and she manages our Instagram account with over 400,000 followers when I take vacations!



Kevin Brown

Owner of Kevin Brown Design

My company has been working with Whitney for over a year. She has been and continues to be a truly valuable asset for us and our clients. She brings to the table a number of talents, including social media management and SEO-friendly content writing. When interviewing clients, she has the ability to ask the right questions and get down to the core of what they want to communicate to their customers. She is organized, creative, and a very genuine person. I can’t recommend Whitney highly enough. See less



Dee McHenry

Charleenes Houses

It has been such a pleasure to work with Whitney in her role as a social media manager for the last six months. From her initial consultations necessary to understand the client’s voice and goals to her experienced, strategic knowledge and guidance regarding every social media platform to her reliable creation of insightful, relevant cross-platform content to her focused work ethic and “can-do!” attitude, all resulting in significant measurable engagement growth, Whitney has demonstrated her added value to the team.


Schedule a Consultation.


Do I really need a strategy?

I recommend a strategy for all of my clients. If you want to learn more about why it’s important to start with a strategy first click here.

How often do you invoice?

I invoice on the last day of the month and all payments are due on the first of the month prior to work being completed. Any exceptions will be outlined and agreed upon prior to work being started.

What Can I Expect During the Kickoff Call?

I recommend blocking off at least 1 hour for the kickoff call. If you signed up for multiple services more time will be blocked off as appropriate when you book a call. During the call, we will dive deep into the depths of your business. I will ask you many questions about your goals, expectations, etc. I recommend coming prepared with a snack or drink and ready to discuss! Here is a sample of some of the questions you can expect:

  1. What is your company about? What’s your biography? How is your company constructed?
  2. What are your business objectives?
  3. Tell me a little about your target audience and who your ideal customer is.
  4. Tell me the pain points of your target audience.
  5. What does your customer want as related to your service? 
  6. What are the external, internal, and philosophical problems you’re solving for your audience?
  7. Can you break your process into 3 simple steps? This makes it easier for your audience to understand how easy it is to work with or buy from you to achieve their vision of success.
  8. What are some positive outcomes your customers can have after working with you?
  9. Who are your competitors?
  10. What brands do you want to emulate?
  11. Do you have any customer testimonials?


I signed on mid month, what can I expect on my invoice?

If work is beginning mid-month a pro-rated invoice will be provided.

What is this "Waitlist"

Unfortunately, I am not taking on new clients at the moment unless they are from a referral source! I feel very lucky to have a community that refers my name and has a good understanding of the type of client I am looking to work with. However, based on what you’ve read so far if you believe we are a good fit feel free to fill out the form and send over your contact information! In the meantime, you can check out these resources!

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